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ENGRAVED IN STONE is a book of humorous epitaphs
by Jo Erickson

Fundraising for hospice care with a book of epitaph humor

Epitaph humor dedicated to hospice care

In the Media

The clip is 1.30 minutes long

About Jo Erickson’s collection of fundraising epitaphs….The Toronto Star says:

“Congratulations on publishing your lovely and witty little book. I enjoyed reading it.” – Tom Harpur, Toronto Star

“Without question, it is a labour of love.” – Jim Coyle, Toronto Star


Article in the Port Perry Star highlights fundraising for Hospice Care with every sale of Engraved in Stone; Jo Erickson’s sharing of sometimes haunting and hilarious epitaphs of the greats….Wyatt Earp, Benjamin Franklin,
Hank Williams Sr., Bette Davis and over 100 more epitaphs.

Link to article: Port Perry Star - Book A Timeless Treasure


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